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OUR official website is still under construction.

SO, you can check our FB, Twitter and even our BLOGobox.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Wieden + Kennedy

Way + Kool

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Monday, April 26, 2010
To whom it may concern:

Hello there.

My name is GOBOX and I am an advertising agency baby.

I will have soon my own web cradle so you can watch me grow.

Be sure I will make you smile all the time.

But until then...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Imagine this article is written in 2 years. Read it. Then think again.

In a world of diminishing values and luring skepticism, where offline communication just might happen due to online one, social media serves as a river bent: strong, until you think it might get a crack. Then, the notion of its stability and validation turns into a debatable issue. I think this is what might happen.

We might all crack.

Far apart from the definition of hate [intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury], the defining feeling towards the social media is predominantly one: addiction. It may be true for a small percentage of all the people, it may be true that no one around you has not even heard of Twitter but you are certain they will. Argue if I am wrong, but how many of you tried it and never used it again? Yep, still addicted.

If you actually have not heard it, let me just prove my point: How many times you log on Facebook per day? What is the first thing you do when you get back home? How do you actually feel when you get a shared link? What is the next big buzz that is going on the web? Please, write an honest comment below. Straight to my point:

Links between people are not anymore what they used to mean.

The fluids are ever more contained within the box you are living or working in. Fear of not being connected over the web is drawing in now and then, anger of not being replied back drives your sense of being hurt. Hate is NOW emerging and it is towards the people around you. I want to drive it towards the Media itself.

Again, it might not be true for You. Reading this, you might be in your mid 20’s or more, almost fully developed a justified sense of the world having lived in times of no cell phone and no emails and successfully balancing the on/off button. But You as well perfectly know what is going around us:
7 year-old kids spend as much time in class as on their mobiles,
10 year-olds have 100’s of friends on Facebook who start build relationships online,
13 year-olds are observing 50-year-old genitals on chatroulette and…laugh. No shock. Laugh.

On the other hand, grown-ups, in probably all fields of business, need social media. They need it so badly, that

the dream of not needing it has become needless.

The flash back of the stationary telephone phone calls is accompanied with nothing but a naïve smile. Sometimes we do laugh as well.

Nevertheless, inside we feel that the unprecedented benefit of our blogs and online connection that enlarge our horizons is actually the path of introvert happiness, one which is out of necessity, not out of pure instinct. We need to share everything and paradoxically we do not need to share it with the people around us. We have become so much self-aware of how we present ourselves and the things that defines is that the famous share is care now it is careful what you share.

We have built a social media awareness how to express our feelings.

…to be continued
Saturday, March 20, 2010

On March 16th, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) launched an updated Advertising code. Thevpowerful watchdogs have given all the stakeholders and the Advertising Asscociation (AA) actors 6 months to familiarise themselves wit the extensive guidelines "in their commitment to social responsible advertyising", said Andrew Bold, the chairman of CAP and BCAP, adding the new code will "show self-regulation at its best" and will endure all ads continue to be legal, decent, honest and truthful. The key aspects include new easier regulation in TV and Radio broadcasting, better child protection and optimised environmental clarity. The AA welcomes the changes and will begin putting forward steps for full compliance.

Meanwhile, on March 17th, the Advertising Agencies Association (AAA) in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers (BAA) have put forward a legislation for better code and practices during competitions for choosing an agency. This mutual agreement will affect both business sides in the developing advertising market, as it will alleviate and clarify the process by which agencies are entering a competition for a client. The chairman of BAA and Managing director of Nestle Bulgaria, Antonis Kantzelis, said that the new code will "gurantee equal rights to the competition, reduce time and costs for all parties and will allow to be produced effective advertising." while Krasimir Gergov, the chairman of AAA, adds that "complying such regulations is a proof that both sides in the market are working successfuly."
This move from the Bulgarian watchdogs are considered as the first major step towards establishing a self-regulation practices in the market met by moderate optimism by PR observants.

With all said, despite the difference in mileage, there is one path set before the Bulgarian and UK ad market towards incorporating the values for better advertising practices between all agencies, advertisiers and the consumers themselves.
Friday, March 19, 2010

While in Bulgaria the advertising market is expected to slump with 7-10 %, United Kingdom expects even inflation of the market, bringing campaigns to a costly deliverance. However, that might be true only due to seasonal activity, such as the World Cup.

Interesting fact is that TV sets a 60% share in BG compared to only 26% in UK, as the volume equals around 100 MEUR for the whole 2009 and, correspondingly, estimated 336 MEUR only for May, this year. The difference is so vast as the markets are.

However, Carat says today that global ad market is down 5.9 %, more than 1% higher then previous estimations. This will further meld future discrepancies and infuse fear in budgeting for this year, postponing the rebound.

The crucial Internet in UK advertising stands on 24,8 % share, as close to the TV, while in Bulgaria the expected boom did not happen, according to PR specialists. The 17 MEUR market volume in 2009 had a rise with only 4 %, compared to a shocking 76% in 2008. The same 4% rise that UK internet will see this year.

So, with all said, expectations and numbers continue to merge in the global slumping market, where BG & UK are on the same difference plan to carefully prepare for their forthcoming renaissance next year.
Saturday, March 13, 2010
First one is just a continuation of all its predecessors, but this time revealing much deeper intercultural value. What I mean is that it does, as every previous one, rely on the human spirits merging in a unity for a greater cause but at the same time accentuates on the essence of what we should all strive for – bringing happiness to the people around us and to those beyond our own boundaries:

Second one is so fresh that it you can actually suck the succulent flavor out of it. Conceptually it is about young people and the story is submerged into their world. What is fascinating, beyond the fact that 19 different countries will see it in their own languages and that will most probably invigorate the decreasing value of the brand, is that it sets the advertising bar in Bulgaria to a more challenging heights:

Third one needs no comments:

Monday, March 8, 2010
This video is made from us to all of us.
Enjoy it and please, comment and rate it in

We are all the children of Europe
Uploaded by Boyadzhiev. - Discover more animation and arts videos.

Thank you!
Friday, March 5, 2010
Some people listen to themselves
rather than listen to what other say.
These people don't come along very often.
But when they do, they remind us
that once you set up on a path,
even though critiques may doubt you
it is ok to believe that there is no can't won't or impossible.
They remind us that is ok to believe
impossible is nothing.

He's got the whole world.
In his hands he's got the whole wide world.
In his hands he's got the whole world.
In his hands he's got the whole world in his hands.

When you are a young gymnastic, the bar has already been set very high.
Nadia was the first to show the world the perfect 10.
Not once but 7 times.
She reminds me if I work hard in life, there is a chance that for just one moment
perfection is possible.

What a brilliant brand value ads, what a 2006 benchmark for brand sustainability. How could you not love it or be inspired?
Adidas - My biggest lovemark.
Monday, February 22, 2010
Several months ago, I'd make a childishly sophisticated analysis of the effectiveness of the following ad. I’d point who told me about it and make a link to its source. I'd emphasize on its nuances and make a broad supportive suggestion of the history of the method used in targeting the customers. Very particularly I’d be using my own imaginative database to infuse the idea that I am aware how to come up with such concept. I'd also make a runaway joke in brackets (often unsuccessful) from the seriousness of the post and will definitely try to conclude with a summarizing inspirational appeal, similar to the one incorporated in the spot. Finally I’d embed the ad:

Tomorrow I’d be grateful if you enjoyed your brief stay in the blog and will be pleasantly delighted to hear a comment from you how to improve it.
Thank you!
Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Bitte, was denkst du, wo haben diese meisterhafte Werbungen in gemain?

Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany

Agency: Bold Ogilvy, Greece

Agency: Kempertrautmann, again Germany

For all: It is the magical touch of SEHSUCHT Production company. Have a magical look, Bitte.
Sunday, February 14, 2010
Happy Valentine's Day!
Feliz día de San Valentín
Alles Liebe zum Valentinstag!
Buon San Valentino
Bonne Saint Valentin
Честит Свети Валентин:

Point given that no matter who you are, there is one universal language of the heart.
Pint given for Droga5 behind this brilliant ad idea.
Friday, February 12, 2010
Advertising needs more than few words to be defined or at least described.
The common standards suggest that among all the noise one needs something very targeted, personal and sustainable. But how necessary is such a standard?
By how we advertise a product or an idea or anything that we want to sell/convey hides the beauty of it. And if an ad should be in its primary essense targeted, why not be through the trick of a reverse method, i.e. purposely provoking a mash of 'noises' or motives, that will be used as a tailored clutter of messages distributing the idea behind. Sounds confusing? Well look at this:

Through "imagine yourself" platfrom and with the mix of a constant advocator of such surreal scenario, this ad proves its noise to be of great help to the viewer. It leaves the essense of the product at the end, building through array of various colours that will rest in the customer's mind.
Maybe the Old Spice just bacame bit newer this time.
Monday, February 8, 2010
It is challenging for some poeple to say if they have ONE favourtie song.
One of all times. One, that despite of the place, the time or the mood it will always be your song, especially written to you or especially affecting you. Do you have such song? Say it out loud!

I was quite pleasantly surprised to hear MY most favourite song in this ad from 2003:

And it is so much more interesting to hear another hugely BELOVED song in he SAME brand!:

One would probably start to question himself: Is that brand amazing or they just know really good songs. The result is that Mitsubishi is now stuck in my mind, at least. That is one hell of a marketing.
Saturday, February 6, 2010
Disgusted by the degraded world around them, the Local HeroeZ decided to change it. To change the people within it. But they needed to understand them. First stop: Sofia...

Who is your hero?
Thursday, February 4, 2010
For English, press the second button on the top ;)

Вчеросъздаденият блог, The Old New World, е израз на вечното ми желание да се науча да пиша качествено и на признателността ми към редицата блогъри, които с лек размах на повечето си пръсти успяват да подхранват това ми желание.

Вчеросъздаденият блог в същото време е и реверанс към всички нас, защото в него всички читатели могат да допринесат за неговото развитие, а именно – всеки може да напише нова книга или нова глава от дадена книга. Резултатът е ясен: всеки ще се превърне в автор, а сюжетът на книгите ще се обрисува с пъстротата на различните ни умове. Така ще се получи едно своебразно многопластово огледало на това кои сме ние, как мислим и за какво мечтаем. За тези, които могат да се гледат спокойно в огледалото ;)

В това е заложен и смисълът на заглавието: Старият нов свят, в който се лутаме целенасочено от нещо познато към нещо непознато, от общото ни миналото към общото ни бъдеще. Нека да го напишем заеднo!

"Thank you, thank you very much..." ;)
Monday, February 1, 2010
"Цели се винаги към Луната. Дори ако не я стигнеш, ще станеш звезда."

Красимир Балъков добре го е написал в еди-си-коя година в оная готина книга за гости на Слави от добрите му години. Когато Любо имитараше Бойко още като бодигард, а Виктор-удобното ни разкаваше как да си направим надуваем дюшек за морето от шишета за минерална вода...

Тогава да се стремиш към Луната сигурно е бил лукс, който само някои са се усмелявали да пожелаят. Сега не е така. Сега човек мечтае без граници. Сега повечето възприемат света като една голяма топка, на чийто "край" утре можеш да отидеш. Утре даже човек може да построи стълба към Луната...

Днес аз мечтаех да отида до Испания на гости, да прескоча до Австралия със семейството ми, да работя за година-две някъде на "Запад" и да се върна в милата ми родина. Вчера метаех за различни неща. Утре ще желая друго. И това започва да ми гризе съвестта.

Замечтавал ли си се някога? Ама истински: Представяш ли си се след пет, десет или двайсет години как изглеждаш, къде си, с кой си, какво си постигнал? Как се чувстваш тогава, там? Можеш ли да си позволиш да мечтаеш или някой, някак си, понякога ти пречи да разпериш свойте мисли. В офиса ли с в момента, или си в оная бърлога, която наричаш вкъши, но никога и своя дом, защото знаеш как отдавна си загубил топлотата на своя дом. Имаш ли някой до теб, който знае какво искаш и който ще те последва накъдето и да отидеш, или най-нежно сте си поставили окови на краката и стъпчица по стъпчица, тихомълком си купувате кашкавал "Пършевица" във Събота следобяд? Или си сам. Напълно сам.

Евентуално изплувалата картинка на твоя идеал за щастие е най-вероятно един мираж. Това е моментно състояние на твоя неистов стремеж към онова, което мислиш, че е щастие. Но щастието не е в ума. То е тук. В Сърцето.

Гризе ме защото, усещам как никога не съм имал една точна мечта. Да, да отида тук и там, да видя "свят", да усетя малко чист въздух, да тези неща всеки си ги мечтае. Кучето на съседа сигурно вече си мечтае да отиде във Венеция и нахрани някой гълъб. Но аз не съм си позволявал повече. Не искам. Tи знаеш ли какво преследваш в тоя живот и знаеш ли как ще го постигнеш? Удобно ли се чувстваш като се замисляш за това нещо? Не вярвам, че се чувстваш добре. Самата мисъл те подтиска. Мисълта за това, какво трябва да направиш, каквто трябва да спечелиш и загубиш. Какво би жертвал в името на своя блян:

Любов? Пари? Щастие? Здраве? Би ли жертвал себе си?

Затова, аз просто преставам да искам. Преставам да мисля, какво искам, преставам да мечтая за утре. Почвам да мечтая днес. Писна ми от лукса на мечтите, писна ми да си мисля, какво мога да направя и какво не, писна ми да слушам, че човекът е голям колкото и мечтите му. Не, ние сме точно толкова големи, колкото сме в Момента. А утре е животът ни е такъв, какъвто го направим Днес. И не искам тая пътеводна звезда, да ме вкарва на тривиални коловози. Искам просто нейната малка светлинка да ме топли Сега.
За тогава, когато сега ще бъде някога.
Sunday, January 31, 2010
Winning the Australian Open 2010 and his 16th Grand Slam title about some hours ago, Roger Federer continues to prove his personal legend:

Andy Murrey has been again, after 2008 U.S. open, unfortunate to lose against Federer in a Grand Slam, thus not providing Britain with a title since Fred Perry in 1936. Nevertheless, Britain has always backed him up:

So, to all of you and especially to my brother Hristo, who has a birthday today: Keep pursuing your legends. Your home will always stand behind you!

Happy Birthday, my brother! Hold Tight.
Friday, January 29, 2010
What did you do the last 2 weeks?

Just think about it: You probably got up from bed quite early in morning, reluctantly trying to catch the various swiftly dispersing last captions of your sweet dream. Then you did all the involuntary things that one does for that time of the hour: like having a bath or brushing your teeth or dressing differently and coincidently according to the day and so on. You probably did all these things whilst thinking about your work, about the great time you had last night, about your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids or any person that you want or don't want to think about. Then, for the last 2 weeks, you probably had to work hard or to study for exams, enjoying all the happiness and all the turmoil that are mutually inseparable and integrated throughout that day. Therefore, towards the end of it, you probably said "What a day!", bumping onto the comfortable furniture you have at your private place or at your parents' sweet childhood nest. Definitely you had something nice to eat, something that deliciously notified your mind that you are at peace now. You maybe kissed you beloved ones numerous times and you went to bed, hoping and dreaming your day tomorrow is going to be just a little bit better.
For the last 2 weeks, trapped beneath her college, Darlene Etienne, probably had the same dream:

After these 2 weeks, her dreams came true. And she said 'thank you'.
Never stop dreaming.
Never, ever.
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
iPad, the new revolutionary product from Apple, was presented by Steve Jobs and others geniuses 2 hours ago, Wednesday 10:00am in San Francisco. It outsmarts the Benefon and PRAVEC 8 by miles with its unique features:

You can show it off to the normal MAC people:

You can stack books inside iPad shelf and clean the dust every other week:

Definitely you can install applications, so to entertain your otherwise ever less entertaining mid-afternoon:

You can just write to Steve and say that you just had another iPasm:

And finally you can always kneel before the special iPad testimony and then share a picture of your solemn 21 century digital tear:

"iPad. Get aLife"
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
"What’s the world’s greatest lie?" the boy asked, completely surprised?
“It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie."

Newborn in Haiti, 20.01.2010,

This boy will someday understand the truth about the world's greatest lie.
Sunday, January 24, 2010
referring back to the I'd love to change the world and especially The world is just awsome posts, I think this sums up the best of both:

this Penetrada of truths resurrects the lost and depraved globalised soul, bringing the essence of its true meaning and whilst reaching to your inner mirror, it tries to answer some of the most important questions we face... of which questions is: Are you here?
Friday, January 22, 2010
Contemplating on the power of music influencing the subconsciousness, this ad is a brilliant example. Found it today from Kevin's blog, a pure "Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy Argentinean-style":

FULL unbelievably good song >>>>> LINK

But OK, I admit I just used this for filling the post. The actual reason is that I hate Megan and I just wanted to show you how impeccably hideous she looks like these days with Armani. Please try to ignore all the discrepancies of any expectations (by just clicking):

Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy Armani-style
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TVC: Ogilvy & Mather.
Music: Bulgarian folklor, below, praising the forests and nature in the country.
Copy: "One third of Bulgaria is covered by forests, which are disappearing at the rate of 10 cubic meters/minute. Help us uproot the idea that forests are just wood. Sign the petition on"
Further campaign: Radio, Press, Outdoor, Online Banners, Social Media

Хубава си, моя горо,
миришеш на младост,
но вселяваш в сърцата ни
само скръб и жалост

Now I am signing the petition...

Monday, January 18, 2010
today, 81 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr was a 3-day-old baby:

today, after being 81 hours beneath ruins, Jean Luis Sainte Heleine is happy to be alive:

today, for 81 seconds, I will leave you to dream...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
shocking collection:

shocking video:

Why We Fail?

We fail because there are too many interests, we fail because there is too much greed, we fail because we consume more than we need.
Be humble in your needs, be respectful to what you already have, be responsible for your own actions.
Who Will Follow?
Sunday, January 10, 2010
76 minutes of inspiration. Do not watch another hollywood movie, do not go spending meaningless gossip hour in the corner cafe, do not miss the unmissable. Every now and then you need the mirror, that Randy Pausch has given in his last lecture, to reflect not only who you are, but who you want to be and how you want to do it. He has done that by just showing how he had lived:

Enabling the dreams of others
. What a legacy...
Saturday, January 9, 2010
Happy New Year, everbody!
Let this 2010 be much more prosperous, much more enchanting and blessful. Let yourself go of any fears and welcome the challenges as you would welcome me, if I would like to self-invite myself to visit you, let say Spain, Australia, why not Kuwait. Yes, Joseph Tatal Andraos, I am appropriately and (self)-inspirationally inviting myself.

I welcomed 2010 with my most of my best friends @ Belogradchik Rocks

and I believe will farewell it the same way. Meanwhile me & Gox started implementing an idea into a still dim but opportunistic project, which underlying motiv secured us from feeling unattached to a more meaningful dailiy surrounding. Or otherwise we are looking (at) something like this: Even more self-inspirational.
And to conclude with these far-sighted bulshit, here is something more current, something you will enjoy in the spirit of this blog and my own bulshit: a column in today's "Dnevnik" about The Best 10 TV Ads of the Decade, which go beyond any cultural need of understanding Bulgarian and deliver the essense of both my blog and my dream: to create TV ads. Meaningful TV ads.(Un)expectedly I have written and analysed more than half of them here, but I will leave you with the most beloved, a lovemark of its own kind, the Cadbury Guerilla, a true Purple Evergreen:

So, dear friends around the world and in Kuwait, enjoy this year as much as you can and Be inspired by anything that you (in)voluntarily explore!

"I've been waiting for this moment... in all my life..."



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