Thursday, October 29, 2009
Labour and Social Politics

Bulgaria has grown beyond the need for any social politics, as the majority of the population are already successful entrepreneurs. As a consequence, Bulgaria has 0% unemployment and is in constant need of foreign workers. The average bulgarian salary is 10000 leuro per hour, which is enough to buy 5 bags of chips Niki (which is why Bulgarians eat 5 bags of chips Niki per hour). These high salaries have forced many companies to hire cheap workers from Japan, Luxembourg and Norway, because they only eat fish and drink water.

Chips Niki production makes up 87% of Bulgaria's GDP

Bulgaria produces some of the world's best known brands - Romika shoes (rebranded as Nike), Elka calculators (rebranded as computers), tomatoes (rebranded as tomatoes) and yoghurt (rebranded as Danone). Bulgaria is also in legal battles with Greece and Turkey over other exports such as white cheese, banitza, chalga and sex slaves. Undoubtedly, Bulgaria is most popular for its outstanding snack foods - Zayo Bayo, Lucky Boy, Crocky, Chipi Chips and Chips Niki. Bulgaria is also the leading manufacturer of hope in the EU with 67000443 metric tons of hope produced annually, mostly by pensioners hoping that their children will return from abroad.

bit old, but still deeply truthful :D Full Article

Now, the cliched ads, just to flip the coin..



..and 2009:

I wonder, how much they influenced me as a foreigner to go and visit Bulgaria?
I think chips Niki has done that from first glance!
Sunday, October 25, 2009
long time now was thinking how to introduce you my German experience so far and how I perceive it through the perplexity of the language here, through their most beloved things and through, of course, an ad. Luckily, the embodiment of all above was the brain behind this Golden Drum Film Gold award, who is actually from Austria:

Und er fliegt, und er fliegt...

Now that is what I hear here, how you felt is what I feel here, what you saw is what I might do here, right after numerous "Schönes Wochenende" have been said on Friday afternoon. Now that is true, but not german. For everything else(as another enriched in semiotics ad goes)and for everyone else (who apparently does not know German) there is the Subtitled link for the ad.

Anticipate more German or Not adventures, looked through the eyes of an ordinary Bulgarian Intern, coming from UK. I will leave you with another enriched spit (my mom would love this) from a Film Gold award von das Slovenian Golden Drum stuff (hate myself already) which is GRAND PRIX, oh my, and which is Czech. Ha-ha. Bless them:

Oh and yes, I am working in a French company and my boss is Hungarian. Bless that.
Thursday, October 22, 2009
In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
Theres nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York,
These streets will make you feel brand new,
The lights will inspire you,
Lets here it for New York, New York, New York

After the symbolic post for the good old bulgarin years of childhood innocense, it was the first song in a while created especially for NY that I also admire and which cant stop listening to.

Let me see how long more I'll go for without talking about ads here!;)
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Отдавна не съм писал на Български и нямаше по-хубав начин, от това всъщност да не пиша аз, ами просто да се натъкна на 12 годишна статия от вестник Капитал, чието заглавие и край някак си все пак намират допирни точки и да ви предложа един сантиментален вярвам за мнозина фрагмент от нея...

"Поколението на Маляка и Пантата прекарваше лятото в епохални махленски “войни” с фунийки, скачане на ластик, “очукване” с “народна топка”, обливане с водни пистолети или шишета от “Веро”. Майсторяха се салове от стиропор, дялкаха се дървени мечове и лодки. Дори да не им влизаше в “поръченията”, дечурлигата беряха на поразия череши, джанки, липа и брулеха орехи. Гъсто населените и в извънработно време площадки на детските градини се огласяха от “стражарска марка бум печат” и “спукано гърне”. Фучаха балканчета и школници, прелитаха и въображаеми патрони - камъни и мечо грозде. Тротоарите също бяха заети - от играещите на ръбче, които средно веднъж на час бяха прекъсвани от минаващ “Москвич”. Освен топки ощастливените с посещение в “Детмаг” дечурлига изнасяха федeрбал, обръчи, въжета, пластмасови кегли, кънки. Обути в дънки “Рила” и бутонки момчета се риеха в пясъчниците да търсят сирийчета, на тревните площи девойки се караха коя да е Лили Игнатова, коя - Анелия Раленкова. По-късно споровете бяха около разпределянето на ролите в уличния вариант на “Седморката на Блейк”. Първа програма вдъхновяваше забавления като “кажи, признай” - популярната реплика от “Капитан Петко Войвода”. Из кварталите можеше да се видят още злояди “партизани”, тимуровци, мускетари и последователи на Винету. При избистрена драматична концепция на места се изнасяха и представления за родителите.
Падането на мрака заварваше малчуганите изпокрити по строежи, запустели къщи и бараки. Веселбата свършваше с групово свирукане от прозорците и миризма на печени чушки.
Единствено лошото време връзваше “дребните” вкъщи. Освен бой с брат или сестра имаше и други начини за разнообразяване. Например слушане на плочи с приказки или препрочитане на “Карлсон” и “Пипи дългото чорапче”. Ако не пишеха писма до съветските си другарчета, пионерите трябваше да прелистват “Септемврийче”. Преди да излезе българският “Пиф” (сп. “Дъга”), най-масов беше абонаментът за съветския “Колобок”.

Пълната статия от в-к Капитал, 23 Август, 1997 >>> ТУК
А ето и една визуална притурка от "Войната на Таралежите" от 1979:

А сега запалвам нафтовата печка, пррриятно:)
Saturday, October 17, 2009
Thanks to Ray, for this unique spreading intangible value:)
I watched it twice and surely will do it again, as this ordinary ad man reveals some pretty awesome truths behind both our marketing job or everyday life. Those truths can evolve in opportunities or just ideas for better appreciating what we have as personal tangible and intangible possessions. And this is the whole point of striving to be better, isn't it? please, watch it:

"When you place a value on things like Health, Love, Sex and other things and when you learn to pay some material value of what you've previously discounted for being merely an intangible, a thing not seen, you'll discover that you are much much wealthier than you've ever imagined."
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
one of the few things I'm sure is that in 5 years time I'll love this song:

apparently, having it on my player for more than year, I just re-discovered this uniquely vibrant and smile provoking tune, that immediately evoked a feeling of a randomly ambitious marketing graduate, who suggested this song for the new tv camapign of the blue-chip wannabe company he just started working for and who is still complacently trembling of exitement every time when an approving tap on his shoulder meant that the sales of the company rose again...

now then, with supposingly same sort of exitement, I found this ad:

and am now not suprised that there are hundreds of videos of Saturn car ads, each and every one of them with brillaint choice of music! <<<LINK>>>

well, obviously my dreams for wannabe such marketing graduate will reluctantly stay in this 50th post for now. Maybe untill 5 years time, when there will be sun sun sun :)
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
in the mid of the week, here a bit of really classic banned tv ads:

Enjoy the forbidden fruit of racism, discrimination and devalue :)
Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here is just a quick glipse of the poster ad evolutionary road for the non-disputably the most famous drinks brand in the world or even at all - Coca-Cola. Although not being my favourite non-alchoholic drink (the other ones are a matter of another blog I quess), Coke has become a symbol of the 20th century America and of the capitalistic exploitation of how ads target us (from Drink Coca-Cola to live on the Coke side of life) and how they have created the diabolical pathway for generating a need of the product. Nowadays Coca-Cola still does it, but in a very submissive way, provoking our embedded desires for happiness.

Which, on the bright side, make us feel happy drinkin it :)
Tuesday, October 6, 2009
the Best UK TV advert of all time!!!

every single time I watch this art masterpiece I embark upon incredible nuances of what makes the really good ad, a great one and I strongly suggest you to either embrace its thoughtfulness or just go to a random irish pub and taste it.

for me the message conveys the idea of what is beyond us and the patience needed for our time ahead. The story told is a citation of the 19th century novel Moby Dick, where the drenched in mystical melancholy Captain Ahab is perpatuated in his long patient search for the big white whale. Just as the surfer, for his majestic wave, who "waits, its what he does".

I salute the genius who takes me to the shores of Hawaii and leaves me in front of а truly great virtue. I hope you find your own Greatness within this spot. Or at least to down a Guinness pint:)

till then - Here's to waiting!
Friday, October 2, 2009
with the benefit of hindsight, having been a Saatchi intern and having soaked up the beauty of the saatchi testimonials and virtues for improving ourselves and striving to be better*, [*a remark the echoed substantially in the FARA'09 hall after the unsubstantiated and unmoral jury's declination of one of our campaings] i'd be happy to introduce you this commercial that is not saatchi's but ogilvy's, and its not bulgarian, but its greek. but it's good:

Globul has already and once more repositioned itself and normally i'd blame vivacom's result of merging the state owned and mystified telecom with the 3d mobile operator in bulgaria (which has quite a designer copycat resemblance with an italian ad company called, surprisingly, vivacom) because such a competitor's move needs "double the action and triple the exitment". But instead, I understand that Cosmote Group have appointed the above-mentioned, ingenious but heavily nose-curved greek people to enhance the corporate vision of Cosmote's comapnies and put the customer into their world. Or was it vice versa?

Trivial as it may sound the music is what fascinates me here and its magical power of carrying the testimonials of the time before us while beautifully and non-chalantly corresponding with the picture of the vibrant world NOW through its 40-years-OLD lyrics...

World Pollution
There's No Solution
Just Black and White
Rich and Poor
Them and Us
Stop the War

Music - Ten Years After - I'd Love to Change the World from 1971! Link to Youtube>>>>>HERE

The way I see it now is that world is still the same and that one should JUDGE for himself what to do and how to do it towards human improvement and changing the world. Where he STANDS now will be echoed for future songs, ads, and JURY's awards...

Although my point of view for a well-thought and regionally placed Cosmote-Globul ad of paradoxically unchanged world is now obvious, your Judgment I'll leave it up to you.



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