Wednesday, December 30, 2009
no need for silly analysis or synthesis or juxtaposition. just coffee glory:

1993: vintage jovial method of submissive characterisation of a product's effect

2009: marketing the product with the subtleness of the magical and adventurous art:

Yes, apparently there was no need of the mentioned above. But the coffee is glorious :)
Monday, December 28, 2009

in Januar days, remember, August is September
Thursday, December 24, 2009
On the eve of Christmas, probably should have just called it Christmas Eve, decided to infuse you with some little vintage succulent bit of the holiday's magical commercials' past, the vintage Coca-Cola one which I grew up with, and the latest magic incorporated in the ads. Can you already sense the difference between?

Season's Greetings everyone from Kozloduy, Bulgaria :)
Monday, December 21, 2009
After two days of pleasant relaxation through the revelation of this song, decided to share it with you: Ruth Koleva - Close

Ruth Koleva has become a widely known artist in 2009, following her unfortunate voting off in the Bulgarian Music Idol, then participating in the best media viral campaign for the biggest bg telecoms @ Fara09, upon which, after watching the video below and exploring the above embedded link, will show you how many awards has won in our very modest but rich in world class ad campaigns country.

Appealing with her feminine look and hardcore tattoos, she is one true Artist. Salute and happy Closer holidays everyone:)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Yes, I am leaving DE, Erlangen. For two-three weeks. Recap of the last 3 months:
Hours were crawling, days were passing, the months - flying. So much to see here and so not enough time. So much to give here and so much to get back. I tried to at least. Got to know many fellow lovely Bulgarians. Got to know some really nice Germans. Got to dance traditional Bulgarian folklor. Got to drink 10s of Jagermeister shots. Got to like. Liked to get. Oh and AREVA, my purpose here, of course: AREVA has been a crucial milestone in my development and will continue to be for the next three months. I've grown up in my view of the what-the-hell-is-waiting for us after graduation. From the work itself through the embedded longing for the lunch break and to the joy of completing something. Joy that should be very apparent below. But it ain't. Because the two months @ Saatchi has given me tremendously more in merely intangible value that anything so far. And I don't know If I want to be otherwise. Saatchi team - I damn Love you. You left me to this:

I am definitely looking forward after Christmas for more adventures here. Weil in adventure kann Mann ihn finden. Pure DEnglish:)
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
14/12/2009: Someone makes a group in Facebook, names it "Fuck Bulgaria".
I was just wondering, why did we need probably one stupid chilidsh Turk/Bulgarian in no soul place to provoke our sense of patriotism, our true passion about our country and its history through the most rapidly increasing Facebook group: "We are against "Fuck Bulgaria", a group that for one day gathered more than 50,000 members, whereabouts the country is not more than 7 million. This is the group:

And what the first couplet from the visible part of the supposingly Turkish group says is something like:
You do not fear and the red flag
which swims at these dawns,
does not burn last January
which smokes upper before burning.
The star shaped,
will shine she is my and
she is my nation however.

What I can reconcile from this is a patriotism in itself. But why then "Fuck Bulgaria". Why not FUCK yourself. Whether Bulgarian or Turk. Whether provoker or messanger. Fuck off.
Now there are 52,000 really angry Bulgarians. That is in 5 minutes.
Monday, December 14, 2009

today's big hype in Twitter, in my credosphere, was about the Most Contagious 2009, a pdf created by the @contagiousmag that comprises in 16 different sub categories the superb contagiousness of the really, really good ideas. Again, was pleasantly surprised to recap what I have seen throughout the year, prompted by the power of social media, some of which I have talked about:

The personal lovemark Adidas, presented here, with this amazing new concept:

Carousel's big Cannes Lions hit, mentioned here:

Further more there are recaps of amazing recent stuff like the marvellous IKEA campagin on Facebook for promoting their new shop:

An the beat goes on and on and on. Urgently contagious pdf file. Good job!
Sunday, December 13, 2009
Yesterday somebody told me that due to the Dance show we had to do, I had to cut the sea shell thing I have on my neck, so warm-heartedly given to me by Anna, and I joked I can't because I was from the mermaid mob. Then I thought it had very sentimental value, that it carries the memories of many stories

But today I heard another mermaid story.
One that OUT-VALUES what we merely call our given for granted life. I personally believe that we should embrace the testimonials from this unique girl, who knew she would not live more that 10 years of age and EVEN SO she lived her life to the fullest:

Rest in Peace x
Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Newmarcomm is what I will name the new way of marketing communications that is happening at every second and at every place to probably every one of us. The power of social media has risen in vast and different branches or medium through the power of interactive content, content that engages you to communicate with the brand.

I strongly recommend to follow - the Social Media Guide, as they call themselves and discover for yourself, if not yet, what is going on with the world around you. One of the latest posts is about The 10 Most Innovative Viral Videos of 2009, where I took personal joy to understand that not only I have seen every of them by one way or another, but that they were indeed interactive in their marketing purpose!

Few examples:
Pure engagement, creative idea and brilliant video techniques resulted in this highly disputed viral of Samsung:

After understanding by accident that his quitar has been thrown and broken by United Airlines staff, this guy decided to make a song and upload it on youtube. Result - the biggest negative PR in years and a massive viral that circulated the world:

And I will leave you, if you are a time spender, with this not at all hidden but so engaging and beautiful 12 minutes, prompted by my dear friend Antonio, that won Cyber Lion in so beloved Cannes Lions this year and that sums up what I call very Newmarcomm:

Hope you've enjoyed. Anticipate much more:)
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

With the time turning so quickly cold as a hot pancake after microwave, poeple start staying more in home and start thikning of 2 major things - Christmas, apparently for the Christians, and secondly looking to the inner self saying "How the FUCK has that Year Passed". And probably tasting the cold pancake after that...

I started this blog more than 6 months ago, just for the personal sake of uploading some fun ads and with the hidden idea to document my development in Saatchi & Saatchi. Then it became a hobby, then an addiction, now it's source of reflection, a mirror to that inner self.

Now I am working in AREVA, Germany, as a Business Strategy Intern, still keeping posting about me and the succulent ads. But I realise that this is not enough. I was missing something. I am missing something right now.

I can clearly remember how excited I was after receiving the very first formal reflection of my advertising passion, after me and Gox had collaborated in a very intriguingly committed way. I can remember as well how much has Saatchi & Saatchi given me, reflected in small appreciation gift I made for them.

And this is how I discover my passion. But now, at the very verge of reflecting what the hell I want to do and how I want to do it, I realised one very important thing - self promo is the magic trick. This is what explores you before the others as well as before you. Self promo is the way you act, you think, the way you present your beliefs or rather represent yourself.

Saatchi's best example of self promo this summer is so sincerely and equivocally presented in this ad:

and I believe that it has inspired me to achieve or at least to strive to achieve something with myself. The slogan, that goes something like "If your thinking is unburdened" for the sake of attracting interns to the company, has developed in me my very honest credo: Striving to be better, which I have endorsed not once in this blog.

So, in this line of thoughts, I acknowledged, that what I was missing is hidden only somewhere in me. Somewhere where is yet to be discovered. And although I actually did self promoted myself and my blog, and my beliefs and my experiences through this very reflective post, I know that my credo lies within me and my search for the missing thing, for the most anticipated thing. Probably how to keep that pancake warm and tasty!

So, thank you for Your Time :)



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