Sunday, November 29, 2009
Took me some great time searching for the best diversification of sexy lingerie ads and honestly I will do it again!
Now, lads - enjoy! Lasses - learn and strive!

Taste: German/Asian
Model: Miriam Wimmer
Agency: Glow Berlin
Brand: Liaison Dangereuse
Music: N/A

Taste: British/Australian
Model: Kylie Minougue
Agency: CDP-Travissully
Brand: Agent Provocateur
Music: Main offender - The Hives

Taste: French/Swedish
Model: Emmanuelle Béart
Agency: N/A
Brand: H&M Underware
Music: Le Plus Beau Du Cuartier - Carla Bruni

I think I have had a great Sunday blogging. Have you?;)
"Your sex is on fire..."
Wednesday, November 25, 2009
how could you not want to work for that?!:

tomorrow, a Sheffield Hallam University placement support tutor will be visitng me at AREVA, to make a formal report on my development. I was thinking of switching the constant futuristic corporate image-enhancing female voice in the cutting-edge lobby with the music from this ad and start dancing the AREVA dance, that sadly nobody has ever had the priviledge to see yet. Yeah, what a welocming would be. Pure energy;)
Saturday, November 21, 2009
I believe that if everone carries with him even the sightest bit of happiness and LOVE that is abundant in this amazing ad, we would live in one trully awesome world:

I cant stop watching it. I cant stop thinking how good this ad is. And it goes beyond its marketing purpose. It is a cult to the human improvement. Its shows us that happiness is right where we are even if we are not able to see it. It explicitly throws at out face the integrity of the world! The underlying motive here, for us, for You, is just to acknowledge the world around you better and start feeling that integrity. For if you Strive to be better, you will always be Better!

Ok, think you need to watch it again ^^^ this time the 2009 LOVE edition:

Boom De Ya Da, Boom De Ya Da...
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
my currently most favourite music. whata a tune. of course incorporated in an ad. the jovial, escallating, contagiously satisfactory tune has almost entirely merged with the ideals of the ad. Because for establishing who are they and who is the customer, you, while positioning a new phone in the most heaviliy densified global market is a goal to get envious for and same one that needs powerful and remembering messages:

I said almost entirely, because the purpose of saying constantly "You" for establishing the personal connection with the brand might get just slightly bit off the point when constantly emphasized. Honestly, this blog is not for critisizing any ad, for it is art in its essense, but for the marketing wrap of this art product, you don't want to get a thousand ribbons...

Link to the song >>>> Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Mix)

Therefore, the following add-up just sucks the slightest deviation of perfection out of the previous and serves its beautiful transition of showing what you are, through what you need, to what their product would deliver: You

Hope that anyones gets Me. And I am You:)
Saturday, November 14, 2009
It's very satisfying and intruguing to finally meet the root of your lovemark. It happened to me just several hours ago, standing in front of the Herzogenarauch's World Headquarter of ADIDAS and the Beautiful outlet...

...feeling the anticipation of the world inside running right to my toes. after watching Celebrate Originality tv ad, part of the late 2008 campaign for re-bursting the Originality series of the brand, I felt in love of it sensuality.

It is even more astonishing what does the lovemark keep as a mistery: This Frankonian place is the bithplace of another of the world's most famous brand - PUMA, who's creator Rudolf Dassler happened to be the brother of Adidas one - Adolf Dassler. They both split their original mutual business after the WWII, due allegedly to a betrayal. Since then the two brands are in constant familiy war, which boosted competitiveness that resuled only in world wide favourability. Yet, Adidas keeps the friendly and brilliantly ironic competitive tone:

But the most important feature of the Adidas brand for me, that Puma does not possess, is its intimacy, because the normal green stripped polo, that I just bought, is making me feel proud, comfortable, self-assuring that I belong to the brand and the brand belongs to my tastes. The closeness and intimacy created is what any witty brand manager should constantly seek for, being the best prerequisite for establishing it as a lovemark.

In that line of thought, no wonder the Australians from Lifelounge Ad Agency have created this outdoor, which idea was laid upon the all-day-dreaming about the three virtues of the beloved mark: sensuality, mistery and intimacy:

Yes, indeed this brand is a personal favourite. And yes, it might not be more special to me than it is to the billions of Adidas lovers, but I was able to just discover its roots and just realise what made it such a lovemark:)
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
thanks to Sabin:

The trip to Austria has undoubtedly left me with the feeling of the ad below: some kind of strange car balet with the only small difference of 4000 Euro Chalga Surround System...

And this one, internationally astute in its metaphorical embodiement, left me with just a doubt what the hell meant the last sentence:

Now I got it.
Viva la Franzela
Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Retail Marketing teacher told us that in April, a month after this was published, on the very final lecture and I just could not believe it. Future is coming so much faster than we think, people, one day truly we will be able to just go in the store and buy all the most suitable to our criteria products through guiding flashes, we will enter our home and the kitchen would suggest us what we want for dinner. All of this through info banking and intelligent computing mechanisms.


Now Imagine how can ads suck the best out of this! Or can they suck the worst as well? Ads, direct communication, open one-to-one relationship with every single customer would oppose the privacy of the personal information or of our own secret desires. For example, you 'log on' (in front of a paper world map, sitting in the park with your girlfriend) in search for a holiday and your 6th sense or the new tecnology remembered previous correlated search of a striptease club in the region you looking for and an ad of the relevant correlation is projected in front of you.
Useful for the holiday, not for the current state of mind.

Nevertheless, jaw-dropping is not sufficient enough. Needs to get real. By that time, just use your own 6th sense which milk would spoil the longest and which girl you would like to tip tonight.
Monday, November 2, 2009
Agency: McCann Dublin
Music: Shirley Bassey - This is My Life

Agency: TWBA/Instanbul
Awards: Press Golden Drum 2009

"Its Life Will Flesh Before Its Eyes"
Sunday, November 1, 2009

needless to criticise. everythings has always been in the lower regsiter of the voice.
try it with "i'll be back" for instance;)

yet again, 2 more years left.



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